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Once you have signed the petition, if you have somewhere you could display a poster, please click the link below and print it out.

If you can display a LARGE poster and would like a free one, please send an email HERE and we will get a poster out to you.

You can choose A3, A2 or A1 sizes.

Since we started this, we (Wellingborough A&E Group - or WAG) have received support from our local MP, Peter Bone, Local Councillors, including Cllr Laura Stevenson, Cllr jennie Bone, Cllr Janice Duffy and others. We are now preparing press releases and the group is meeting on the 19th July at noon to discuss further publicity and to elicit the support of more local businesses.

If you would like to be part of the group, you are very welcome to contact us at the email link above.

We are lucky to have cross-party support on this - and the group fully intends to be strictly non-political - keen to greatfully accept support from all people able to offer it.

It is a cause which people from all parties, all persuasions and all loyalties can unite behind for the benefit of Wellingborough and its many surrounding and ever-expanding towns and villages.

Some information you might not know

* Provisional approval for Wellingborough to have an A&E facility attached to the Isebrook Hospital was given some years ago after cross party support from Wellingborough, Corby and Kettering MPs, Councillors and Clinicians.

* Due to Kettering hospital being placed under "Special Measures" in 2017 by the Care Quality Commission, almost all further investment into Clinical infrastructure for the County was placed on hold.

* Kettering Hospital has now improved to the point where it is no longer under Special Measures and the provisional approval has never been revoked - however we now need to push for the provisioning / financing team to agree to stick to their original budget for our A&E facility.

A lot more information will be provided soon, including some extremely encouraging news with regard to the strong possibility of a debate in Parliament even though we are currently a long way from our 100,000 vote target. Clearly the press releases will help to swell our numbers as it still seems that less than one person in 20 when asked are aware our petition exists!

Anyone with media contacts are especially asked to please contact us if you can help to promote this cause. It is done for the simple benefit of all the people in Wellingborough and surrounding areas - and for their children and generations to come.

Please support us if you can - it will cost nothing but might save a life.

Wellingborough A&E Group - WAG

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